According to data released by the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) on Thursday, 62,456 foreigners were detained while attempting to enter the U.S. illegally last month. Some of these were otherwise deed inadmissible at ports of entry in November. This is compared to the 39,051 apprehended in November 2017, constituting an increase of 60 percent. Department of Homeland Security spokeswoman Katie Waldman said of the increase: “The November 2018 border numbers are the predictable result of a broken immigration system – including flawed judicial rulings – that usurps the will of the American people who have repeatedly demanded secure borders.” 

In addition, DHS data shows that the number of family member apprehensions in November 2018 (25,172) rose 9 percent over October (23,115). However, when compared with the number of apprehensions in November 2017, the U.S. witnessed a 200 percent spike in family member apprehensions in just one year. Immigration officials along the Texas border are witnessing a trend of larger groups of immigrants presenting themselves to agents. According to Border Patrol Joe Romero, who spoke to a Fox News affiliate in El Paso, “We’ve seen that there has been a bit of an increase. I think every sector along the border has been preparing for these moments because we have seen larger groups especially family units coming across.” Romero went on to say, “The last number that we had was upwards of 400 individuals that crossed in the midway area and the Ysleta port of entry.”

The spike in the number of large groups apprehended in Texas came as much of the media attention was focused on the so-called migrant caravan that brought thousands of people to the border crossing points in California. Also, in Texas, illegal narcotics continue to cross the border. Last week, Customs and Border Patrol agents seized more than $1.3 million worth of illicit drugs in Nogales, Texas. And in Arizona, nearly $178,000 in methamphetamine was found. 

In weekly press conference, House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi said on Thursday that funding President Trump’s border wall would be “immoral” and “ineffective,” even while Congress has a “responsibility, all of us, to secure our borders.”



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