Since President Trump ran for President he followed Ann Coulter on Twitter, one of the few people he followed at the time. But since December 20, Coulter lost her most prominent follower when he unfollowed her after months of her criticism that Trump is "caving" on illegal immigration, including building a wall. The day before Trump unfollowed Coulter, she told The Daily Caller in an interview that Trump's presidency would be a "joke" and leave "no legacy whatsover if the wall wasn't built."

Coulter has long been a critic of illegal immigration, writing the New York time best-seller in 2015, Adios America: The left's plan to turn our country into a third world hellhole. In her book she documents what she calls the intentional failure among both parties to eliminate illegal immigration in favor of big business and an increased voter base.

Over the past few days, Coulter has been blunt with criticism for Homeland Security Secretary Kirstjen Nielsen for generally not protecting America's borders, Jared Kushner for rumors that he is pushing for amnesty for DACA -- a position that the President also supports but has not yet signed the Executive Order, and President Trump's upcoming visit to the border on Thursday, which she called "moronic."

Coulter also suggested that Trump "wants to be impeached" because he delegates his immigration policy to weaker advocates of immigration reform, including Kushner, Nielsen and Vice President Mike Pence.

During the New Year's holiday, Coulter responded to Trump's unfollowing on The Mark Simone Show. She called it "a little tift."

She told Simone on his January 2nd show that she expects Trump will fold on immigration reform. She said she never tweeted about people close to Trump, such as Jared Kushner, because she was afraid "that he'll unfollow me." She told Simone "I don't mind [Trump] quitting as a follower, I mind him quitting as a leader. I think that's little more of an importance to the country."

Trump has 57 million followers on Twitter but only follows 45 people. Most of the people that Trump follows are media personalities such as Tucker Carlson, Jesse Waters, Sean Hannity and YouTubers Diamond and Silk. Ann Coulter was one of the first people that Trump followed. 



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