Controversialist radio and online host Alex Jones crashed the set of the progressive online Young Turks talk show during the latter’s broadcast from the Republican National Convention today. A confrontation ensued between Jones and Young Turks host Cenk Uygur, and with Roger Stone -- a veteran political strategist who is backing Donald Trump.

On the Young Turks set, approached Uygur and the shook his hand. Speaking into his mic, Jones asked Uygur "How's the revolution going? Are you going to start the revolution?" To this Uygur, responded, "We are indeed, Alex. The revolution is afoot."

Later, after several exchanges, Jones handed to Uygur a t-shirt emblazoned with a likeness of Bill Clinton and bearing the word “Rape.” Jones asked Uygur if he liked his “Hillary” shirts. Stone was walking by the set when Uygur yelled and called him a liar while assailing Trump, saying "You know who's accusing whom of being a rapist? Donald J. Trump!" Stone responded, "Read my book, you assault me all the time! You never give me a chance to respond!" Uygur responded, "You're a sick man, Roger Stone! ... You want a piece of me?!" He then turned to shout at Jones, "This isn't your f***ing show. It certainly isn't your f***ing show!" Stone was dismissive, shouting "Lightweight!

A man on the set who wore eyeglasses and eventually pulled off his jacket was seen apparently spitting on Jones.

Lightweight! Lightweight! ... Bulls**t! Bulls**t! Bulls**t!" As Stone left, Jones called out to him, "Don't go, he wants to debate you right now!" To this, Uygur said with disgust, “I'm not going to debate this guy!" Stone and Uygur continued shouting at each other: Stone -- "You don't know anything!" Uygur -- "All you do is lie! You're known as the biggest liar in media!" Stone -- "You lie! Get in the line, loser!" 

Commenting on the fracas, veteran pollster and political analyst Frank Luntz tweeted about what he called a "WWE-style shouting match."

When the exchange continued, Young Turks co-host Ana Kasparian yelled at Jones and demanded, “get the f*ck off the stage.” When Jones accused Kasparian of cooperating with Saudi Arabian Muslim “jihad,” Uygur got out of his chair and removed his jacket in a threatening fashion. He yelled at Jones, “This is bullsh*t,” and threw down his earpiece. Before the altercation descended into the use of fisticuffs, Jones and Uygur were separated.



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