British composer and singer Phil Collins has reissued his solo albums with updated album covers.
In fact, name of the retrospective collection is to be taken quite literally: Take a Look at Me Now shows paired images of Collins from the time of the first release of his albums, and from today.
"I’ve always been quite proud of my demos and have often made them available as B-sides, but with a few exceptions, I have avoided including those on these collections,” he explained. “Instead, I’ve focused on how nicely the songs developed when played on stage, rather than showing how they originated.”
The sixty-four-year-old hit artist is also known for his keen interest in early American history. Until last year, Collins had the largest personal collection of artifacts relating to the Alamo, where Texans battled the Mexican army in 1836 and lost, but eventually won the Texan Revolution. See Spero News coverage.







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