Ridwaan Mohamud, a Muslim refugee from Somalia, was charged with battery and disorderly conduct after he allegedly smashed his teacher’s nose and face. The seventeen year-old Somali student of Green Bay, Wisconsin, went to his teacher’s classroom on December 21 and called out his name. He then punched the male educator in the nose and broke bones in his face, according to a criminal complaint.
According to the complaint, it was on December 18 that when Mohamud spoke to one of his teachers about being bullied at school, the teacher responded, “I would date you.” Local media suggested that this was intended to be funny and mean that Mohamud was not ugly and that people would date him. 
The teen was charged as an adult and may face as many as 3 1/2 years in prison.
Mohamud’s family members told local media that this was interpreted as an extremely offensive homosexual come-on. They said that the teacher's comment was inappropriate. Also, the family said that they wish that the school had gotten involved after their son was at the receiving end of the comments.
However, school authorities claim that Green Bay Southwest High School associate principal Jeff Vanlannen told police he was aware of the exchange between Mohamud and the teacher. He assured the teen that his teacher was not making advances to him, according to the complaint. 
The complaint said that Mohamud’s mother tried to talk him out of being angry. However, having had time to think about it over the March 19-20 weekend, and still upset, Mohamud returned to school and assaulted the teacher in question during the first hour of classes. Witnesses said that the teacher made no effort to defend himself. The family, however, said that they do not condone the attack.



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