Police dispersed hundreds of protesters gathered outside a Donald Trump rally in San Diego, Some chanted “f**k Donald Trump” and held signs bearing obscene language and death threats directed at the presumptive Republican presidential nominee. One young protester held a sign reading: “If TRUMP wins He’ll be DEAD within a week. The Cartel won't have his Bullsh*t.” Police announced in English and Spanish outside the San Diego Convention Center that the protest had been judged illegal, warning the crowds that they would use chemical agents and other weapons to disperse them.
Protesters waved Mexican flags while music played and shouted in Spanish  “puto,” together with “Donald Trump.” "Puto" when translated into English means: whore or homosexual. Other raucous protesters bore placards reading: “Trump eres hijo de puta” (You're a son of whore, Trump) and “Coachella contra el puto Trump” (Coachella against the homosexual Trump). 
Members of the mob shouted "F**k the police" while throwing bottles and other objects at the ranks of officers defending the convention center. Several people were arrested by police on the scene. Piñatas derisively depicting Trump were held aloft, including one whose head had been severed in the street. One protester wearing a Donald Trump wig and danced to the rap song “F**k Donald Trump” while holding dollar bills and grabbing his crotch, according to Breitbart News.
Young people emerged from the convention center and claimed to have been ejected. One of them identified the group as supporters of  Democratic presidential candidate Bernie Sanders. Only a few protesters had to be removed from the convention hall where Trump supporters applauded the presumptive Republican presidential nominee in support.



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