Using this as an attention getting headline, Children's Hospital, Oakland, has started its official move to gain the support of the public following the disastrous results of Jahi McMath's tonsillectomy surgery.  See here. Though carrying the byline of newspaper reporter, Matthias Gafni, it is obviously a well crafted Hospital press release.
The article hinges its request for support based mainly on statistics reportedly verifying that hemorrhaging episodes following tonsillectomies is at a bare minimum. The article mixes up statewide statistics and length of years for statistics with their own hospital statistics.  They claim that for a period of 2008-2012, of the 12,604 tonsillectomy surgeries statewide only 1.67% had complications of hemorrhaging, or, approximately 200 patients. In another section it mentions that "out of more than 130,000 tonsil surgeries during that time 12 patients died, including one at Children's." It does not include any information on the end result of the bleeding episodes. Records are kept by the Office of Statewide Health Planning and Development - OSHPD - for surgery outcomes for 444 facilities across California.
It may well be quite permissible to accept those statistics. Yet, please keep in mind that the figure of 200 represents human beings who were negatively affected to a lesser or greater degree. 
Also keep in mind that OSHPD is the same state health agency that approved of midwives performing abortions and who were involved in licensing UCSF to train midwives, nursing assistants and nurse practitioners to do the abortions. The records of hemorrhaging or dying from abortions is ignored.
Further, the death industry is also putting out PR statements about brain death. The latest is written by a Dr. Jessica Zitter and published in the San Francisco Chroncle,
entitled: "End of life elusive, thanks to tricks of modern science," Friday, January 31, 2014. See here.
Dr. Zitter is one of the darlings of the death and dying organizations. Her name can be found amongst their members. Her article basically praises Erick Munoz of Texas for demanding the removal of life support for his wife and thereby killing the baby, while she chides the McMath family for insisting that their daughter be allowed to live.
Our website now has a video of a recent Euthanasia Conference held in Southern California last November, 2013.  It also has a statement written by Dr. Paul Byrne, founder of Life Guardian Foundation and Neonatologist and pediatrician, who traveled at his own expense, to visit Jahi, in the hospital.  This report contains a great deal of very important information about the workings of the human body, i.e., what is controlled by what organ or nervous system.  It also includes a recommendation for legislation on brain death/organ transplantation.  See here
In other news regarding legislation:
State Senator Lois Wolk, (D), one of the original authors of a 2008 bill authorizing distribution of the POLST form, has submitted another bill, SB 728, Long Term Care Facilities: Health Care Decisions. This moves the POLST form from completely voluntary if someone asks for it and up to mandating that a facility put the POLST form into the hands of an admitting patient. It requires certain health facilities and residential facilities for the elderly to provide a person with a POLST - physician orders for life-sustaining treatment -  form upon patient's admission. Failure to provide this constitutes a crime. This also changes the health and Safety Code.
Final note on this subject:  The POLST sponsoring agency, Compassion and Choices is beginning to make appearances at senior health fairs around the bay area at least. One will held this coming February 28, in Concord at the Baldwin Park Senior Citizen Center.
You may want to watch for these fairs in your own area. If the Directors of the Senior Center Activities program is inviting the C n C to a fair near you, please consider calling that facility and urging them to retract their invitation to any group distributing advanced directives, especially the POLST form.
CHARTER SCHOOLS:  If there is any doubt that Charter Schools are dependent upon the public school system to continue, the fact that there are approximately 57 education bills that require Charter Schools to comply along with public schools should end that myth.
The bills both Assembly and Senate fall into the categories of:
Financing - 26 bills, including the Budget Act bills and trailers.
Starting up Charter Schools - 4 bills.
Safety, Health, mental health and nutrition - 9 bills
Instruction and Transitional Kindergarten - 14
other - 4
Spero columnist Camille Giglio is based in California. See



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