Speaking on Hill.TV, pollster Chris Wilson said that Democrats' anti-Trump messaging may cost them dearly in the November midterm elections. Wilson told Joe Concha on ‘What America’s Thinking,’ “There isn't a message except for the anger." He went on to say "It's got to be more than just an anger or a 'we don't like Trump' message. I think that the problem that Democrats have right now is because they are focusing on that, you have an impact of sort of a psychological loss aversion effect."

Wilson continued, saying, "[Republicans] are going to take a look at the Democrats in the fall if they do not change their approach to these campaigns, say 'well, they don't have a message, so I'm going to stick with what I know.'" 
A number of Republican candidates have associated themselves with President Trump, including Michigan’s Republican gubernatorial candidate, Bill Schuette, and senatorial candidate, John James. While the midterm races are seen as a referendum on Trump’s first two years in office, Democrats (especially leftists such as Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez of New York) are firing up their constituents with anger directed against the president. 

According to a Gallup Daily tracking poll, Trump remains widely popular among Republicans, at 82 percent. The upcoming midterm races are widely expected to be a referendum on President Trump's first two years in office. The same poll found that Trump's average approval rating among voters for August 2-12 was at 39 percent. 

The Real Clear Politics average of the 2018 Generic Congressional Vote found that Democrats have 3.9 point advantage over Republicans -- 44.2 versus 40.3, respectively.  

Wilson is the CEO of WPA Intelligence, a polling and political intelligence firm. He was once the Executive Director of the Republican Party of Texas when President George W. Bush was governor and worked directly for Karl Rove. He later served as director of research for the 2016 Ted Cruz presidential campaign.



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