Reporter and internet provocateur Laura Loomer interrupted the hearing by the House Committee on Energy and Commerce of alleged anti-conservative bias on the part of social media giants Twitter, Facebook and Google. During Wednesday afternoon's hearing, Loomer stood up at the back of the chamber and began yelling, "You are a liar Jack Dorsey," accusing the Twitter CEO of being shown in a video of having exhibited bias against conservatives. 

Loomer's voice was drowned out by laughter in the chamber while Rep. Billy Long (R-Mo.), a veteran auctioneer, mocked her while she was removed by security. She was questioned by officers outside the hearing room before she left the building. Loomer later reentered, but had no plans to go back into the hearing room. Outside, Loomer yelled again and claimed that Twitter CEO Dorsey was “committing perjury” and claimed Twitter discriminates against conservatives. She claims that Dorsey is using the platform to influence the mid-term elections.


Loomer once worked for Project Veritas -- a conservative group that produces undercover videos to expose progressive and Democratic party operations. Project Veritas published a video in which a Twitter contract employee described how the company allegedly censors abusive users. The founder of Project Veritas, James O'Keefe, has cited the video as evidence of Twitter’s bias. 

In a later tweet, Loomer wrote: "This is for you, the silent majority! I did it for the millions of conservatives who are being silenced by big tech on social media for being conservative and supporting Donald Trump."




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