The members of a group of anarchists who call themselves INDECLINE have put up bigger-than-life statues of Donald Trump in several locations in Cleveland, Los Angeles, New York, San Francisco, and Seattle. The sculptures feature the Republican nominee completely naked. In New York City, there is a statue of the native New Yorker standing in Union Square, one on Capitol Hill in Washington DC, while there is another in the libertine Castro district in San Francisco.  
The act of politicized art is dubbed “The Emperor Has No B—s.” Earlier this year, INDECLINE covered up stars on Hollywood’s Walk of Fame with the names of black Americans who have been killed by police, all the while that leftist groups such as Black Lives Matter have contentiously asserted that there is an actual war being waged by law enforcement against blacks in the United States. The group has also taken credit for a “Rape” mural that it put up along the US/Mexico border to denounce Trump’s immigration proposals, in addition to graffiti art in the Mojave Desert of California.
Inspired, in part, by Hans Christian Andersen’s story, “The Emperor’s New Clothes,” INDECLINE worked for four months to put the project together. Andersen’s story was a parable about power and vanity and the over-confidence of a political leader. Also, on the base of the statue is written: "The emperor has no balls."
The leader of the project told The Washington Post on condition of anonymity that Trump is indeed bigger than life in “world culture at the moment.” The spokesperson noted that political figures have been “memorialized and idolized” by the placement of their likenesses. 
The statues are not flattering. Made by a man who calls himself “Ginger,” the statues feature unnaturally pink crocodilian skin and a scowling face. Each of the statues is wearing a ring bearing a Masonic symbol, while the skin suggests other Masonic themes. Ginger makes monsters for movies and haunted houses and told the Post, “Trump is just yet another monster.”
Each of the statues weighs 80 pounds of silicone, glued to the ground with epoxy.
The statues were apparently not erected with official permission. The group believes that the statue in San Francisco may be the last to go. 



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