On YouTube, Rob Buck showed how easy it is for a person to conceal a rifle and handgun. Buck’s 83-second video, which he posted on Facebook, bore the caption: “For the conspiracy theorists that say it can't be done.”
The video shows Buck entering a room, wearing a polo shirt and jeans. It is not apparent that the bearded young man is armed. However, within seconds, he lifts up his shirt to reveal what may be an AR-15 semi-automatic rifle. He then wordlessly pulls out magazines from his waistband and pockets and switches them on the rifle and reloads the weapon. He does not fire the rifle, however. Each magazine apparently holds approximately 30 rounds. Eventually, he pulls out a concealed handgun and its several magazines. He loads and then reloads the pistol three times without firing.
Just before the video ends, Buck says “264 rounds” in an apparent reference to the number of bullets he had loaded into the rifle and pistol. 
The weapons depicted in Buck’s video are similar to those used by Omar Mateen – the Muslim terrorist who murdered 49 people at a nightclub in Orlando on June 12. Despite initial claims to the contrary, Mateen used a SigSauer MCX rifle and a Glock pistol in his assault. Initial reports, as well as claims made by gun control advocates, that the rifle used was an AR-15 have been proven to be false. Mateen wounded 53 people in the attack. One of the dead was a U.S. Army reserve sergeant, who is slated to receive a Purple Heart.
Buck’s apparent intention was to show how easy it is to conceal powerful weapons on one’s person. Some have theorized that there were two shooters at the Pulse nightclub during the fateful attack. The video shows that one person could have fired enough bullets to fell dozens of victims. At least one police report contended that Mateen fired at least 200 rounds during the mayhem, where he took time off to send text messages to his wife.
Mateen began the shooting at approximately 2 a.m. on June 12. It was not until around 5 a.m. local time that he was killed by police on the scene who had breached a concrete brick wall at the nightclub to free Mateen’s hostages. When Mateen emerged from the nightclub, he was shot dead. Multiple bullet holes could be seen dotting the exterior wall of the building around the hole breached by police.
Buck’s video has had nearly 20 million views and 200,000 shares. His video has since gone viral, with 16 million views and more than 200,000 shares. 
Mateen was an American citizen who was born to Afghan parents. The FBI is investigating the incident to determine whether it can be considered an act of domestic or international terrorism. 



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