"Dipsticks" and "morons" is what Fox News personality Lou Dobbs called a group of celebrity actors after they called on members of the Electoral College to renege on their promises to vote for Donald Trump.

Pledging their “respect” for the “patriotism” of the electors, a bunch of has-been, B or C-list celebrities have called on 37 “conscientious Republican electors” to switch from Donald Trump on the December 19 Electoral College vote. Donald Trump is expected to win 306 votes in the election, which is far more than the 270 necessary to win. Actor Martin Sheen, who plays acts a president in the “West Wing” TV series, opens a video produced by Unite For America.


“Republican members of the Electoral College, this message is for you. As you know, our Founding Fathers built the Electoral College to safeguard the American people from the dangers of a demagogue and to ensure that the presidency only goes to someone who is to an ’eminent degree and down with the requisite qualifications.'”

Some of the others who appear in the video say that they are not asking for the electors to swing their vote to Hillary Clinton, but to renege on voting for Trump. “As you know, the Constitution gives electors the right to vote for any eligible person,” says one celebrity.

“By voting your conscience, you and other brave Republican electors can give the House of Representatives the option to select a qualified candidate for the presidency,” says Richard Schiff, who played the communications director on “West Wing.” He and Sheen, along with other actors in the series, campaigned for Clinton.

The above image appears on the Facebook page of Unite For America.

Actors in the video contend that “Trump lacks more than the qualifications to be president. He lacks the necessary stability and clearly the respect for the Constitution of our great nation.” Sheen said that anyone who votes against Trump will be known as “an American hero.

The video also features James Cromwell, J. Smith Cameron, Moby, Mike Farrell, Freda Payne, BD Wong, Debra Messing, Dominic Fumusa, Emily Tyra, Bob Odenkirk, and Michael Urie.

Jim Clark and Jon Gedney are co-founders of Unite For America, and were formerly associated with #NotMyPresident. The latter group is planning to protest the coming inauguration of Donald Trump as president. Unite For America describes itself on its website:

"Unite For America began as an alliance between anti-Trump organizers in New York City and Washington, D.C., and has since grown to include thousands of voices from across the nation and the political spectrum.
"While we may differ in political ideologies, we are united in the agreement that it is our Constitutional and moral duty to use the legal resources available to us to prevent Trump from assuming office, for the good of the Republic."



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