Indiana State Police have identified the drunk driver who killed Indianapolis Colts linebacker Edwin Jackson before dawn on Sunday as Manuel Orrego-Savala, 37. A Guatemalan national, Orrego-Savala is illegally residing in the United States and has been deported twice in 2007 and 2009. He had fraudulently identified himself at first to police as Mexican national bearing the name Alex Cabrera-Gonsales. Police said in a statement, “State police investigators are working with U.S. Federal Immigration Officials and they have placed a hold on Orrego-Savala.”

The 26-year-old Jackson and 54-year-old driver, Jeffrey Monroe, were struck by Orrego-Savala at approximately 4 a.m. on Sunday on Interstate 70 in Indiana.

Police say that Monroe was Jackson’s Uber driver. According to FOX59, Jackson became sick during the ride, leading Monroe to pull over. Jackson and Monroe were on the emergency shoulder of the freeway after Monroe pulled over. 

Orrego-Savala fled the scene but a responding officer arrested him shortly thereafter. Orrego-Savala gave police Alex Cabrera Gonsales as his alias. Jail records show that Orrego-Savala, under the alias of Gonsales, was driving without a license. Police determined that Orrego-Savala's blood alcohol level was 0.239 or three times the legal limit. In Indiana, drivers are presumed to be intoxicated with a 0.08 percent blood alcohol level.

"The loss of life at the hands of illegal immigrant criminals should make all Hoosiers sad and ultimately angry," said Rep. Todd Rokita (R-Ind.) in a statement. "We must do more to get these dangerous illegal immigrant criminals off of our streets, and guarantee this never happens again by building a wall, ending sanctuary cities, and stopping illegal immigration once and for all."

While it was not clear when Orrego-Savala re-entered the country after his 2009 deportation, Indiana police indicate that he used the Gonsales alias "to create a paper trail." He is currently detained at the Marion County jail. He may face criminal charges.

Nicknamed "Pound Cake," Jackson had played for the Indianapolis Colts for the past two years. However, his 2017 season was cut short by an injury. On the team Twitter account, the Colts stated, “Edwin Jackson always brought a smile to our locker room and the community. Our thoughts are with his family and friends during this difficult time. We will miss him greatly.” Other members of the community, as well as coaches and player joined in with expressions of shock and condolence.

In high school, Jackson played football and reached the state finals in wrestling. At Georgia Southern University, he made it to the team as a walk-on player even though he had not received an athletic scholarship.



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