Texas Governor Greg Abbott tweeted today that Texas stands with Israel after a Muslim group challenged the state's anti-BDS language in court.

Along with 17 states, Texas passed a "No Boycott of Israel" law that prohibits the state government from contracting or investing with companies that boycott Israel.

The state requires government entities to force companies to contractually pledge they will not boycott, divest, or support sanctions (BDS) against Israel while they contract business with the state.

The Boycott, Divestment, Sanctions movement has grown in recent years, with newly-elected Muslim representatives Ilhan Omar and Rashida Tlaib supporting efforts to undermine Israel's close relationship with the United States.

Shortly after the Council on American-Islamic Relations (CAIR) announced a First Amendment lawsuit against the law, Governor Abbott tweeted "Texas stands with Israel. Period."

The pro-Muslim advocacy group, CAIR, claims the law forced people who wanted to obtain Harvey relief funds to pledge not to boycott Israel. Also, Bahia Amawi, a Muslim speech pathologist of nine years who worked with the Pflugerville Independent School District in Texas claims in her lawsuit that she had to stop working because the government forced her to pledge not to boycott Israel.

The state law says government entities "may not enter into a contract with a company for goods or services unless the contract contains a written verification from the company that it:

(1)does not boycott Israel; and

(2)will not boycott Israel during the term of the contract."

"If I [signed the anti-BDS contract addendum], I would not only be betraying Palestinians suffering under an occupation that I believe is unjust and thus become complicit in their repression, but I’d also be betraying my fellow Americans by enabling violations of our constitutional rights to free speech and to protest peacefully," Amawi said in an interview with the Intercept.

Meira Svirsky, who runs Clarion Project, a watchdog against radical Islam, wrote that the BDS movement is anti-Semetic at its core.

Svirsky said the U.S. constitution stipulates that it is illegal to discriminate based on religion. "Thus, the United States government has made its legal opinion known on the worldwide scourge of anti-Semitism," wrote in a statement today.

According to Svirsky, the BDS movement aims to "strangle the Jewish state economically while at the same time calls for the flooding of Palestinians into Israel to destroy the Jewish character of the state."

Svirsky continued, "First we must ask: How is legislation against anti-Semitism an infringement on their rights? What CAIR is really saying by this lawsuit is that CAIR feels that this legislation against anti-Semitism infringes on their right to be anti-Semitic!"

Spero News reached out to CAIR for comment but did not receive a reply in time for publication.



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