Project Veritas has released undercover video of Union City Education Association President Kathleen Valencia who explained that the union has helped a teacher keep her job despite allegedly had sex with a teenage girl. The video also revealed that the labor union official would do the same for teacher accused of the physical abuse of a student. 

At the Union City Education Association office in New Jersey, union president Valencia said in the March 27 video why teacher who bruised a student in school would not be reprimanded. Valencia says on camera, “Did the kid’s parent come in? No? Nothing happened… There’s no video? Nothing happened… [The teacher] is fine.”

When addressing the possibility that a student might denounce an abuser, Valencia said, “God forbid the kid decides to tell the principal. It happened two weeks ago, he’s not [going to tell.] Let’s say the kid does. [The teacher] is going to be like… ‘kid tripped and fell.’”

When the Project Veritas undercover videographer asked if the union would come to the aid of teachers who are alleged to have abused students, Valencia replies, “it happens, yes it does!” She then described the measures the union would take to ensure a teacher accused of abuse can remain employed, “I’m going to get your brother a lawyer. Your brother’s not going to admit anything happened. The only witness is the scumbag kid… he’s got a record.”

When she was asked what an accused teacher must do to keep a job, Valencia said, “keep [the teacher’s] mouth shut,” as if “nothing happened.”

When the undercover journalist asked Valencia if there are teachers who have been accused of worse abuse, Valencia indicated a document and said, “This file right here is from a teacher who had sex with a student. This file is about whether or not the teacher gets to keep his pension. Is he going to jail? No. How come? Because the child’s not pressing charges. There’s no proof.”

This video is second in a series of Teachers Union investigations by Project Veritas. Following the release of that video, Hamilton Township Education Association President David Perry of New Jersey was suspended from his position. 

Project Veritas -- which was founded by James O'Keefe -- has released dozens of undercover videos that have exposed political operatives of the Democratic Party, abortion advocates, and journalists.





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