Fox News contributor Laura Ingraham came out in support of Republican presidential candidate Jeb Bush's assertion that the so-called "gun show loophole" is not real. Bush's remarks came in the wake of a threat from President Barack Obama over the January 2-3 weekend that he was considering executive actions that could require background checks for gun purchasers and registration for gun vendors.
On January 3, Fox News Sunday host Christ Wallace asked Bush about Obama's exepcted executive actions that could require certain gun sellers who do not possess a Federal Firearms License -- such as those who sell guns at gun shows - to obtain such a license and run background checks on purchasers.

Bush claimed Obama was using a "top-down driven approach" that would not help and claimed the "so-called gun show loophole ... doesn't exist":

CHRIS WALLACE (HOST): But governor, let's talk about a couple of the specific ideas that it seems from all the reporting that President Obama is likely to propose as early as this week. Expand the number of gun sellers who have to conduct background checks. Expand the number of accused domestic abusers who are barred from buying guns. Governor, what's wrong with those specific ideas? 

JEB BUSH: Well, because you don't know the details of it, but the so-called gun show loophole, which was I think what he's talking about, doesn't exist. People that want to sell randomly, you know, occasionally sell guns ought to have the right to do so without being impaired by the federal government. If states want to create specific rules around that kind of behavior, fine. As it relates to domestic violence, the state of Florida when I was governor did exactly what he's suggesting, but this top-down driven approach doesn't create freedom, doesn't create safety, doesn't create security, and that's what we ought to be focused on.
In her exchange with host Wallace, Ingraham said that Obama has abused his presidential powers, but Republicans "have allowed him to do so." As for the so-called gun show loopholes, she said ", Jeb Bush was right about that -- if they do not do that, I think you will not be able to underestimate the wrath of the American voter next November in a lot of the key Senate races..."  
LAURA INGRAHAM: Article I of the Constitution gives Congress the power to enact laws. The president has abused this power. Republicans have largely allowed him to do so. On this issue, given where the Republican Party, the Republican voters are, if the Republicans do not stand up to this in a meaningful and smart way with facts, debunking all the lies, the gun show loopholes, Jeb Bush was right about that -- if they do not do that, I think you will not be able to underestimate the wrath of the American voter next November in a lot of the key Senate races, which I know we've talked about before on this show. This is an issue about liberty and about law-abiding gun owners stopping crime, being allowed to live in freedom. You want to give a gift of a gun to a son.
Now the federal government wants to create, perhaps, a national database, which would allow this gun control legislation through executive action to be meaningful. They would need a national database for gun owners, 300 million guns in the United States today. Look at what Texas did at the end of the year. They have a new pro-Second Amendment legislative regime in place, in Texas. Similarly, in Florida, they're considering the same concealed carry law. So I think the president is trying to overreach in his last year in Congress.
INGRAHAM: The 90 percent statistic of all of supporting background checks, that's been debunked. Lots of the myths about gun ownership are perpetrated by people who never much liked the Second Amendment in the first place, and who have a vested interest in amassing more power in Washington, D.C.



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