Fox News show host Tucker Carlson interviewed Tommy Robinson, a British nationalist who was recently released from prison. Variously dubbed “far-right,” “anti-muslim,” “white supremacist,” by legacy media, Carlson was imprisoned in May after being arrested outside a courtroom in the UK where he was livestreaming a video while covering a trial involving a Muslim gang accused of grooming and raping a teenage girl. He has since been released on bail. Robinson’s real name is Stephen Christopher Yaxley-Lennon, and he is a founder of the English Defense League. 

Since May, Robinson was held in solitary confinement on a 13-month sentence but has since been released on bail. 


On Thursday, Carlson asserted that the UK has nearly abandoned its traditions of freedoms, citing Robinson’s arrest as an example. Carlson asked Robinson why he was arrested:

TOMMY ROBINSON: There was a court case going on, where 29 people were in court for gang raping up to 100 young children. Now, I stood outside of the court and I spoke, and all I'd done was read a BBC News article, a BBC News article that is still online now for millions of people to see.


In a British courtroom, for a fair trial for anyone, they have to understand what it is they are being accused of. "Contempt of court," that's all I've been told. What contempt of court?


ROBINSON: I say a thank you to the Middle East Forum, a thank you to Congressman Gosar, a thank you to Ambassador Brownback, people -- thank you to yourself, Tucker, people who come out -- because we know that in this country, anyone who speaks about Islam -- you can believe -- you can be a complete liberal, the minute you mention, criticize Islam, you are deigned and attacked by everybody.

“All I’d done was read a BBC news article, a BBC news article that is still online now for millions of people to see. And I was taken and everyone would’ve watched the video, they said for a breach of the peace. They transported me to a police custody and then my solicitor contacted the police custody. Then they emailed my solicitor, my solicitor has this email, saying I was being released. Then they took me in a van back to the court through the back door and put me up before a judge,” Tommy Robinson said.

“At no point was I even asked whether I was guilty or not guilty. I was not even told, and I still to this point have not been told and don’t know what it is I am deemed to have done wrong. In a British court of law, for a fair trial for anyone, they have to understand what they are being accused of,” he continued. 

Robinson also claimed that while he was in prison he was told that, “‘police are on the way to your house because there’s intel there will be acid attacks against your wife.”




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