CBS’ “Late Show” comedian Stephen Colbert wished his audience a "Happy St. Comey's Day" on the evening after former FBI chief James Comey gave his much-anticipated testimony to the Senate Intelligence Committee about his relations with President Donald Trump. "Everybody was looking forward to the former FBI director testifying about all the juicy details of his meetings with Donald Trump," Colbert said. "Remember, Comey wrote everything down and all his memos are going to be collected in his new children's book, 'James and the Guilty Orange.'"

Colbert also ridiculed parts of the hearing, going from comments about Comey's height to the  former FBI director’s remark that Trump's comments about him and the FBI were "lies, plain and simple."
"That would be a good name for a Trump family law firm," Colbert joked. "'Lies, plain and simple.'"
Colbert showed a clip of Comey providing his reasoning why he recorded memoranda of his meetings with Trump. “He thought Trump might lie? That’s that razor-sharp F.B.I. instinct in action right there. ‘Look, fellas, I don’t want to get out over my skis here, but I think this dead body might not be alive.’”
“Comey wrote everything down, and all his memos are going to be collected in a new children’s book, ‘James and the Guilty Orange.’”

Colbert commented on testimony provided by Comey that has been understood as a reference to a supposed “dossier” and videotape that was reported during the presidential campaign that purports to show Trump engaging in perversion with prostitutes at a Moscow hotel. Comey said in his testimony, “When I was appointed F.B.I. director in 2013, I understood that I served at the pleasure of the president.” Colbert added to that, “And then when I read the Russia dossier, I saw what gave the president pleasure, and I thought, oh no.”

Other late night television hosts sniped at the president on Thursday evening. Seth Meyers of NBC's "Late Night" poked fun at House Speaker Paul Ryan, who appeared to suggest on Thursday that Trump was inexperienced at the job and unfamiliar with protocols regarding his meetings with Comey. "So, wait, the president is just learning on the job?" Meyers said. "Even at Chipotle, you have to shadow someone for a week."
Comedy Central's Trevor Noah, a South African, saw humor in the hearing. He poked fun at the thousands who took time off to watch the Comey while drinking at bars and restaurants. "This moment today is what I love about America," Noah said. "During a great moment of consequence for your democracy everyone is like, 'Let's make zany cocktails! Can I get a Comeypolitan?!'" He expressed disappointment that details of Comey’s testimony were revealed during a closed session from which the media and public were excluded. "Today's hearing was cool and everything," Noah said. "But basically it was like listening to a clean version of a hip hop song."




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