Following a police report of a break-in at the home of shooter Stephen Paddock, who killed 58 and wounded hundreds at a Las Vegas music festival on October 1, the FBI returned to investigate. According to Reno NV police officer Tim Broadway, police were called to the house in Mesquite where Paddock lived before the fatal shootings. On Sunday, a neighbor reported that there were lights on at the residence. “Nobody really saw anything, just a light was on with nobody in the residence,” Broadway said, according to media reports.

After examining the home, police found that "someone had broken into the house” and immediately contacted the FBI. Broadway said that suspects entered the residence through the front door over the October 7-8 weekend. Police did not report whether any damages or thefts. Currently, there are no suspects or descriptions of possible suspects. Officer Broadway told the Reno-Gazette Journal that Reno police are cooperating with the FBI to ensure that “there are no further incidents.” Broadway told the Reno-Gazette Journal.

Paddock, 64, lived in the house in the upscale retirement community in 2013 and lived there with Marilou Danley. After the shootings in Las Vegas, police raided the home on October 3 and found five handguns, two shotguns, numerous electronic devices, and a “plethora of ammunition,” according to KOLO. On Monday, Las Vegas Sheriff Joseph Lombardo said the FBI and behavioral analysis agents are taking another look at Paddock’s various properties in order to possibly “discern additional evidence.”

Paddock also purchased a home in April 2013 in a retirement community called Heritage Isle in Melbourne, Florida. He sold it in May 2015 in order to more easily indulge in high-stakes poker playing, according to his brother, Eric Paddock. 

"Is the FBI along with LVMPD revisiting the personal property of the suspect? Yes, that is accurate along with the behavioral analysis detectives,” Lombardo said answering a reporter’s question. “They are also present and maybe we can discern additional evidence as a result of that revisit.”



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