North Carolina resident James Meyers got a rude awakening on the morning of March 22 while driving his daughter to school. Little did he know that being stopped by a police officer for a broken tail-light would lead to consternation and embarrassment.
When the officer found an old warrant charging Meyers with the theft of a VHS video tape, he was informed that he would be arrested. The officer allowed Meyers to take his daughter to school after he promising to come to the police station. 
It was only when he was put in handcuffs that he realized it was not a joke but a nightmare as he was escorted to a magistrate’s office.
As it turns out, Meyers had neglected to return a video tape he had rented in 2002. He had only vague memories of the rental, and he no longer has the tape. In addition, J & J Rental  -- which had rented the tape to Meyers – is no longer in business. 
Meyer’s barely remembers “Freddy Got Fingered,” the forgettable 2001 movie on the videotape, but he will most probably remember his arrest. He is hoping that the charges against him will be dismissed.
Meyers said that the arresting officers were polite and professional. He had never been in cuffs before, and despite two previous stops by police on the road, he had never been informed of the warrant.
On the next day, Meyers received a phone call from Tom Green, who not only starred but also wrote and directed “Freddy.” Green said he has offered to pay Meyers court costs. “If it’s 200 bucks of course I’ll pay it for him, just for the principle of the thing,” Green said.
As for Meyers, he said that the hour and a half that officers spent with him would have been better spent solving and preventing more serious crime.



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