A group who recorded a video of a mannequin challenge -- in which people hold a pose while someone records the scene -- is wanted by police for questioning about two robberies. Just before midnight on November 14 in Salford, which is part of the greater metropolitan area of Manchester, England, a man was attacked by two men while another pair watched. The victim was thrown to the ground by the men, who stole his cell phone. Before driving off, the assailants demanded the password to the device.
Just five minutes after the first robbery, a group of three men approached a man waiting at a bus stop near Salford Royal Hospital. They threw him to the floor and took his cell Samsung S7 Edge phone. They demanded the password of the phone before leaving in a blue Ford Focus. In the first robbery, the assailants also fled in a blue Ford Focus. Officers have established that a Ford Focus had been involved in eleven drive-offs from gas stations in the Greater Manchester area.
Officers later stopped the car in question and arrested the driver Roger Bosion (22). Their search found a Samsung S7 Edge, and a number of other phones and debit cards. The owners of the phones are yet to be identified but all of the debit cards have been reported as stolen.
One of the phones seized by police revealed a video of two mannequin challenges that happened before and after the robberies took place. 
Bosion skipped bail before further inquiries could be made. Police are searching for him. 
Detective Constable Allan Barker of GMP's Salford Borough, said, "We have been following a number of inquiries but we have not yet been able to identify those responsible so it is imperative that we speak to the group of people in the footage to be able to move forward with the investigation.”



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