One of the most outspoken supporters of Sen. Bernie Sanders' flagging presidential campaign is Nina Turner, who is a former Democratic state senator of Ohio. In an interview today, she said that she is not impressed by progressive Democrat Sen. Elizabeth Warren’s attacks against Donald Trump. Turner went on to say that Warren may not be able to win over Sanders' supporters to Hillary Clinton's ticket, going on to claim that the outspoken freshman Massachusetts senator had done little to help Sanders during the primaries.
“It’s easy for Democrats to attack Mr. Trump,” said Turner today in an interview on Sirius XM. She was once the minority whip in the Ohio senate. “You don’t get any brownie points from me and other progressives for getting into a Twitter war with Mr. Donald Trump. That’s easy. But when the fight was hard for Sen. Bernie Sanders, where was Sen. Warren?” Warren has been suggested as a possible running mate for Clinton, who would need buy-in from progressives like Turner.
Fellow supporters of Sanders are disappointed with Warren, who did not campaign for either Sanders or Clinton. Warren has since gone on to endorse Clinton's campaign, as has President Barack Obama. “They’re gonna attack me for saying this, but I’m a truth-teller at this point,” Turner said.
Earlier this week, Turner told The Hill that should Sanders drop out of the race, she wants to see not only a national $15 minimum wage but also a push for universal healthcare along the lines of Sanders' single-payer program. "What he's accomplished to this date is so much bigger than the math."



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