The Senate race in Missouri has apparently taken a new turn in the wake of Judge Brett Kavanaugh’s testimony before the Senate Judiciary Committee last week, when he vehemently denied accusations that he sexually assaulted Dr. Christine Blasey Ford in the 1980s when they were teenagers. A recent poll shows that Democrat Sen. Claire McCaskill of Missouri is trailing her Republican opponent, Josh Hawley. 

Hawley has been surging in the polls over the last month. The Real Clear Politics average of polls shows that Hawley has a one point lead over incumbent McCaskill in the competitive race.

The Remington Research Group determined that 48 percent of 1,555 likely Missouri voters told pollsters late last week that they plan to vote for Hawley. Of those polled, 46 percent said they planned to vote for McCaskill. According to the survey, McCaskill’s opposition to Kavanaugh influenced voters who plan to vote her out in November: 49 percent said that her opposition to Kavanaugh influenced them, while only 42 percent said McCaskill's opposition to Kavanaugh motivated their support.

In states where a majority voted for President Trump, McCaskill and other Democrats are facing an uphill climb to retain their seats. Democrats Sens. Joe Donnelly of Indiana and Jon Tester of Montana propose to vote "No" on Kavanaugh’s confirmation. West Virginia Sen. Joe Manchin is still sitting on the fence, even though Kavanaugh has a 59 approval rating among voters in the state. 

If all the Senate Democrats vote to deny confirmation to Kavanaugh and are joined by liberal Republican Sens. Lisa Murkowski of Alaska and Susan Collins of Maine, Kavanaugh’s cause could be lost. But the poll in Missouri may suggest that red-state Democrats in the Senate risk being swept out in November by voters alarmed by progressives Democrats’ tactics in the Kavanaugh hearings. 



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