Charged with the murder of her 2-year-old daughter, a North Carolina woman commissioned photos of herself at her daughter's gravesite with a superimposed likeness of the dead tyke appearing like an angel behind her. The woman, who is a soldier, commissioned the photographs one month after the alleged killing.
Jeanie Ditty (23) and companion Zachary Keefer were arrested last week for the murder of Macy Grace. They are both charged on counts of first-degree murder and negligent child abuse inflicting serious bodily injury. According to police accounts, Macy was taken on December 2, 2015 to the Cape Fear Valley Medical Center in North Carolina. Medical staff on the scene found bruises all over the child’s body. A spokesman for the Fayetteville police said that the bruises were life-threatening and evidenced abuse.
Macy was taken to the University of North Carolina Hospital in Chapel Hill. There she died two days later. An investigation showed that Macy died of injuries caused by the mother and boyfriend.
 Pennsylvania photographer Sunny Jo was commissioned to create the image that shows Ditty at the grave of her child next to a Macy, who resembles an angel. Jo said he contacted Ditty three days after Macy’s death. One month later Ditty commissioned the photos. "This was terrible. This poor girl just lost her daughter,” said Jo who agreed to create the images. He added, “I wanted to get the pictures done for what I thought at the time was a grieving mother." Jo refused payment from Ditty. He was shocked to learn later that Ditty was charged with murder.
Jo said, “The only thing I was trying to do was help a grieving mother. I just wanted to make someone happy who was going through a tough time."
North Carolina imposes the death penalty in murder cases.



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