Juanita Broaddrick and Paul Jones, who are two of the women who have long accused former President Bill Clinton of sexual misconduct, slammed Fox News anchor Megyn Kelly in the wake of an explosive interview in which Kelly faced off with former House Speaker Newt Gingrich. Appearing on Fox News, Gingrich accused Kelly of being "fascinated with sex" when she asked about Bill Clinton’s accusers.
Gingrich said that the media focus excessively on scandals associated with Trump, while ignoring WikiLeaks release of emails from Hillary Clinton’s campaign apparatus. 
Broaddrick posted on Twitter today, calling Kelly “ugly as hell on the inside.”  For her part, Jones said Kelly is not supportive of all women, and “hates Trump” besides. Jones, who sued Bill Clinton for sexual assault in 1994, said Kelly is a “nasty heifer.” That tweet was deleted later.
The Kelly/Gingrich interview has gone viral on social media since last night. During the primary season, Kelly earned widespread praise and opprobrium for her questioning of Trump’s past comments about women. Trump severely criticized her performance as a moderator during the first GOP presidential primary debate in August 2015. She was criticized later by media observers who contended that she was too soft on Trump during a May 2016 interview. 
Much of the contention between Trump and Kelly occurred while former Fox News CEO Roger Ailes was facing sexual misconduct allegations on the part of a former female employee of Fox. He has since departed. Kelly’s contract at Fox continues until July 2017.

The interview between Gingrich and Kelly grew contentious when Kelly continued to bring up allegations made by several women about sexual misconduct on the part of Donald Trump. When Kelly sought to ask Gingrich, "If Donald Trump is a sexual predator..." Gingrich cut her off and said, "I am sick and tired of people like you, using language that is inflammatory that is not true!" After a back and forth exchange between the do over the merits of covering the allegations against Trump, an exasperated Gingrich told Kelly, "You are fascinated with sex and you don't care about public policy." 




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