Admittedly not a fan of President Donald Trump, the author of a new book, “Insane Clown President: Dispatches from the 2016 Circus,” Rolling Stone magazine contributing editor Matt Taibbi described for Yahoo News anchor Bianna Golodryga the innovations he attributes to Trump. In an interview, Taibbi told Golodryga that Trump is effectively the “Martin Luther” of news.

“People dismiss Donald Trump because he’s ridiculous,” said Taibbi, “because he’s impulsive, because he tweets in the middle of the night, but he’s come up with a lot of innovations that are really quite brilliant, whether it was intentional or not.” He added, “He’s kind of the Martin Luther of news. He’s bringing information directly to voters. He’s bypassing the church of conventional wisdom. That’s us in the media.”

Taibbi went on to describe what Trump has done for political news coverage. “Trump’s main innovation as a politician has been to turn American politics into a reality show, and he’s been extremely effective at doing that. And it’s completely changed the entire landscape of the media.”

He added, “We’ve almost forgotten how to cover the other real story: about policies.”

Taibbi advised journalists who cover Trump is to focus on “hard-core specific serious policy stuff “ instead of the “circus reality that he’s distracting the press with.” He said he fears that Trump will shut out the press corps. He said that the public will probably not care if that happens.

“In the past, presidents were afraid of the media. They were afraid to get bad coverage. They were afraid they’d get a negative headline in the New York Times. Donald Trump doesn’t care. He’s already crossed that Rubicon. He’s been elected president despite the wholesale disapproval of the press corps. That gives him an enormous amount of power. And the idea that he can tweet directly to people, and they’ll go to that before they go to us, gives him great him leverage.”



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