Several years ago, I read about a church that underwent a major renovation. Parishioners had invested generously in order to have a church building that would truly glorify God, enhance their worship and be an inspiration to all who joined them. The result was an edifice that was beautiful beyond comprehension.

After a few years, though, it was discovered that they had failed to discern an important fact. For decades, termites had been eating away at the building’s foundation. As a result, all the beautiful work they had so diligently done was in imminent danger of being destroyed. Costly repairs were needed immediately to prevent the destruction of their beautiful building.

This incident is rather intriguing, in that it points out a rather serious problem being confronted by so many churches today – the danger of proclaiming and promoting a salvation that is merely cosmetic and superficial. This is partially based on a desire to accommodate the tendency in Western society to prioritize relevance over Divine Revelation. Likewise, a prevalent premise in Western society asserts that compassion requires that we must accommodate human weaknesses by avoiding the mention of any issue that may make another person or group of persons feeling uncomfortable.

Sadly, over the past fifty years, consequences of this tendency in our society have metastasized to the point of becoming catastrophic. One example of this is the way many political and church leaders - supported by the media, the entertainment industry, academia and activist judges – have seduced us into forgetting that the Preamble of the Constitution mandates that our laws secure the blessings of liberty not only for ourselves, but also for our posterity.

To be more specific, over the past half century, in an attempt to promote the liberation of libido as “sexual freedom”, the United States of America has gradually come to legitimatize and embrace, in a new way, the perverse agendas of Hitler's Third Reich.

Just as Hitler initiated his "final solution" for unwanted groups of people by propaganda, which degraded and desecrated their humanity, so we have over the past five decades witnessed prominent politicians, judges and academics seeking to dehumanize a child growing in utero as merely a non-human fetus. And some activists have even gone so far as to assert that a pre-born baby should be viewed as a sexually transmitted “disease” - a parasitic growth in a woman’s uterus, which, if allowed to grow, will become part of a serious world “pop-pollution problem”.

To ensure that such an unwanted infringement on a woman’s agenda can be killed with impunity, many have become rather adept at adopting Hitler's propaganda technique called the Big Lie. In this way, "undesirable" persons are allowed to be dehumanized by the frequently referring to them with degrading epithets and by appeals to the need to prioritize efficiency, productivity and self-fulfillment over the sacredness of human life.

All this has come to a head by the endorsement of a new form of "the Auschwitz option" in our legal system and in our popular culture. At Auschwitz, SS officers were given the “right to choose” either to condemn new arrivals to immediate extermination in the gas chambers or to force them into horrific slave labor under the cynical logo, "Arbeit macht frei".

And whereas the Nazi SS targeted Jews, Slavs, homosexuals, gypsies and other “undesirables”, our American legal system has targeted our own posterity as the enemy of prosperity. In order to do so, pre-born children have been legally consigned, with the sanction of the Supreme Court, to  death by abortion or to the crushing debt slavery, which will be required not only to service and to pay off an ever-increasing multi-trillion dollar national debt, but also to fulfill the demands of tens of trillions of dollars in unfunded mandates.

What is also so disturbing is the fact that our society has also embraced another dimension of the Nazi Auschwitz agenda, but in a different way. The Nazis sought to both physically and psychologically degrade those being sent to Auschwitz beforehand by forcing them to live in filthy overcrowded cattle cars with little food, water or sanitation for several days. But in America, many of our leaders in government, church, academia, entertainment and the media have promoted the degradation of our posterity in various other ways – after they condescend to allow those destined for debt servitude to be born. Note, for example, the following:

1)    They have by and large left our borders open to infiltration by gangs, jihadists, human traffickers and drug lords – and ridicule any who seek to secure our borders against such infiltration and infestation;

2)    They have de facto groomed our children to become both open to and tolerant of sexual exploitation through some “family life education programs”, which lead them to view sexual experimentation and the liberation of libido as healthy, normal and normative. (How else are we to explain the recently revealed, awkwardly given “consent” of  Olympic gymnasts to be sexually abused by one of their coaches?);

3)    They have passed laws and developed programs, which de facto subsidize and promote the desecration, degradation and destruction of the nuclear family;

4)    They have promoted, through our entertainment industry, the impression that there are no serious consequences for sexual promiscuity or for abusive/violent behaviors;

5)    They have ridiculed religious convictions based on Judeo-Christian principles and insinuated that moral and sexual ambiguity is the hallmark of sophistication.

It is rather sad, then, to witness how many of our leaders have been seduced to embrace a new form of Hitler’s Auschwitz agenda, even after so many sacrificed so much to defeat the perverse ideology of the Nazis. If this trend is not, by the grace of God and through sincere repentance, quickly reversed, we will soon discover, to our lasting dismay, that it has become a destructive  juggernaut, which will crush the spirit of resilient patriots, in order to transform us into a nation of resentful parasites.  At this stage, cosmetic or superficial conversion is grossly inadequate.    

Spero News columnist Rev. Thomas Collins is a Catholic priest who serves the people of Virginia.



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