Rush Limbaugh told Fox New host Sean Hannity, in an interview set to broadcast Thursday, that he believes that that Republican leaders do not want to allow President Donald Trump to succeed. In a transcript of the forthcoming broadcast, famed radio host Limbaugh said, “They don’t want Trump to succeed with his agenda. They can’t afford that. I’m not exaggerating here and I’m not trying to say things that will be in a soundbite that Fox replays for the rest of the day.”

Limbaugh went on to say, “The lids blown, the gig is over, the joke is revealed if an outsider with no prior political experience can come in and fix messes that people have been promised would be fixed for 30 years, how does that make them look? They can’t allow that to happen.”

Limbaugh was critical of NFL players who protest by taking a knee during the singing of the National Anthem at football games. “I don’t think they understand what’s going on. They think they are relating to the majority of their fan base – they’re not. They are driving them away. And I hate it.”

“You know, use something besides the NFL sideline, use something besides the flag, use something besides something that people use to escape everything leftists are trying to force on us,” said Limbaugh - a fan of the Pittsburgh Steelers. 

He also criticized news media for allegedly advancing the agenda of the Democratic Party. Limbaugh said, “The media isn’t media. When you think of media they got people out there looking at things where you’re not and they tell you what happened. That’s the news. They don’t do the news. There is no news. There is the advancement of the democrat party agenda which is get rid of Trump and they are totally devoted to it.”




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