On January 4, the White House outlined President Barack Obama’s coming executive actions on gun policy. The president met with Attorney General Loretta Lynch and FBI Director John Comey to discuss the legalities of the controversial measures, which include mandatory registration of gun sellers and tracking of gun buyers.
Background checks will be extended to so-called “private sales” that would closed the so-called gun-show loophole. Private sales of firearms has been a sticking point for Obama’s calls for legislation that have failed to win approval in the Republican-controlled Congress.
Leading GOP presidential candidate Donald Trump explained his position on gun sales when he was interviewed by Chris Cuomo on ABC’s “New Day” program on January 4. After Trump expressed his general support for citizen’s 2nd Amendment gun rights,  Cuomo pressed him on the issue of gun shows:
Cuomo: When you go to one of the shows, there’s a lot of private-to-private sellers as opposed to someone who is a dealer. They get to transfer arms in a way you wouldn’t be able to otherwise. He’s saying make it uniform, same background check that applies when you go to the gun shop should apply when they go to the gun show.
Trump: I want see what he says, why he couldn’t get this approved by Congress. Why can’t he go in and get this approved? You do have to ask that question, Chris. Why can’t you, if something is seemingly cut and dry as you like to say it is, why can’t the system work the way it was supposed to be, you know, the way it was supposed to be working, the way it was designed. Why isn’t he getting Republicans and Democrats together and doing something? He keeps signing executive orders because he doesn’t meet with people. Maybe he doesn’t like people, I guess. I’m sure maybe they could come up with some kind of a plan. Don’t you think he should do this with Congress? I don’t think he works very hard at it.



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