The following is an excerpt from Michael Parenti's forthcoming book PROFIT PATHOLOGY AND OTHER INDECENCIES (Paradigm Publishers). It is due for publication in January 2015:
"The promoters of 'free enterprise' regularly pay homage to competition. It is competition that brings out the best in us, stoking our determination and inventiveness, so we hear. In fact, the corporate oligarchs form informal trusts when they can; they fix prices and try to monopolize access to essential resources; they misrepresent their products to consumers and underpay their workers as much as possible, all to advantage themselves against competitors. From the meat packing industry to the auto industry, numerous smaller producers were driven out and only a few giant firms remained standing. Capitalists do everything they can to undercut their competitors. They hate competition even as they sing its praises."  
A scholar and social critic, Michael Parenti PhD is the author of nearly two dozen books. He also is on the advisory boards of Independent Progressive Politics Network, and Education Without Borders; as well as the advisory editorial boards of New Political Science and Nature, Society and Thought. Among his book are: The Assassination of Julius Caesar: A People's History of Ancient Rome, God and His Demons (Prometheus Books, 2010), and To Kill a Nation: The Attack on Yugoslavia (Verso, 2002). 



Remains of WW2 pilot found on the bottom of Pacific Ocean

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