A disgraced former reporter is being held by police in connection to a spate of threats made against several Jewish community centers across the country. Juan Thompson, a black American of St. Louis, Missouri, has been arrested for making threats against at least eight Jewish centers. He had made the bomb-threats in the name of a former girlfriend.
Currently, he is in the custody of the FBI. The 31-year-old Thompson had been the subject of an investigation that took several months.
Thompson was fired in February 2016 from his writing job at The Intercept -- an online news site. Editors of The Intercept accused him of fabricating quotes for his stories. The Intercept did some research on a supposedly exclusive interview with a cousin of Dylann Roof -- a South Carolina man who has been convicted of the shooting deaths of nine people at a historically black church in Charleston. The website determined that the cousin in question did not exist. After he was fired, Thompson blamed racist motivations for his dismissal. Another publication, River Front Times, also found discrepancies in his work going back as far as his days as a cub reporter for a campus newspaper.
In July 2016, Thompson published on article at the left-leaning Medium website that denounced The Intercept and the "New York liberal media" for their supposed "arrogant, patronizing, bigotry." Entitled "'We own you'  — On The Intercept's Problem with Black Folk" was a 5,000+ essay that incorporated earlier complaints with a version of an email he sent to a former supervisor. The Intercept denied  the racism charges, claiming that it was bad journalism that got him fired. In September 2016, he was fired by Media Blackout after that organization decided that it did not want to be associated with him because of the accusations that were leveled against him.
Over the last few months, attacks on Jewish cemeteries and other facilities have increased, prompting Democrats to call on President Donald Trump to specifically denounced anti-Semitism. 



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