In an interviw with BBC Radio 4, Ann Coulter said Donald Trump may not win the election this November.
Coulter believes the nation's demographics may have passed a tipping point that gives Democtrats an advantage over Republicans in the Presidential election. "It's a question whether the Democratic Party has changed the country enough," Coulter said. 
Since 1970, immigration reform that was championed by Senator Ted Kenned opened an influx of immigration to poor, non-European countries. Coulter said immigrants from the third-world vote 8 to 2 for the Democrats. "They've changed the electorate," she said.
California, Coulter said, once gave Republican presidents such as Ronald Reagan and Richard Nixon but because of immigration, it would be unimaginable for California to give the nation another conservative Republican, she believes.
Last year, Coulter wrote the New York Times best selling book, Adios America, where she said that one in every 21 people living in the US are foreign-born. Also, 60 percent of the immigrants are on some sort of welfare, an issue that she believes causes them to vote for Democrats more than Republicans. 
During the interview, Coulter said immigration is 100 percent the main issue for Republicans this year. "Republicans have been defied on immigration for 20 years," she said. "How many times do we have to tell them we don't want amnesty?"
With Donald Trump's campaign to build a wall and halt "unfriendly" trade, Coulter said his tone is why Republicans are going to vote for him. Ultimately, though, that might not be enough to win the presidency, she believes. "The question is, is it too late? They had it wired. They've already done it," Coulter said. 
If Trump loses the race for the presidency, Coulter said America is finished. "It's over. We're going to be homesick for the rest of our lives because America's gone."



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