In Franklin County, Ohio, county prosecutor Ron O'Brien revealed that a grand jury has returned indictments against seven foreign nationals who are accused of illegal voting in recent elections in the United States. The election fraud involves both the 2012 and 2016 presidential elections. The Secretary of State and Ohio Attorney General had originally referred 36 cases to Prosecutor O’Brien’s office, having noted that non-citizens who “had registered and/or voted in recent elections in Franklin County.” Franklin County incorporates the state capital, Columbus.

Following an investigation by the Franklin County Prosecutor's office and the Board of Elections, seven non-US citizens, were charged with the crime of "registering and voting in elections” in Franklin County.

The names of the alleged voter frauds are: 

Ana Matias, age 56, Columbus
Irnatine W. Boayue, age 41, Canal Winchester
Janitha Rippey, age 33, Columbus
Kenyron O. Glasgow, age 38, Columbus
Yaakov Menashe Schulman, age 41, Columbus
Leslie Caroline Allen, age 56, Columbus
Gilbert A. Brown, age 59, Columbus

O'Brien stated, “These newly indicted cases are a compilation of individuals, all of whom falsely registered to vote with the Franklin County Board of Elections by declaring they were United States citizens on their voter registration applications.” He added, "The counts in the indictments include: Illegal Voting (F-4), False Voter Registration (F-5), or a combination of both charges.”

Ohio Attorney General Mike DeWine, who is also a GOP gubernatorial contende, praised the work done by law enforcement in uncovering the fraud. “Voter fraud is a serious crime,” DeWine said. “When evidence warrants, we see prosecutions such as those Prosecutor O'Brien announced today. I am proud that my office is able to play an integral role in preserving voting integrity in Ohio.”

Of the remaining 29 foreigners referred to O’Brien for investigation were either not charged or remain under investigation. Those seven currently indicted will be back in court on Wednesday to face arraignment. 

In February, Ohio's Secretary of State Jon Husted admitted that his office had found 821 foreigners who were registered to vote, some of who had voted. At that time, only five foreign nationals were convicted. The penalty included a $300 fine and community service.



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