Graphic body camera video showed suspect James Avery Blevins holding a “long gun” in a confrontation with police in Michigan’s Mackinac County. When two deputies approached Blevins, 39, at a home in northern Michigan, video shows that Blevins apparently pointed a weapon at the deputies. One of the deputies subsequently fired his service weapon at Blevins.

Shot in one hand, Blevins dropped to the ground.  On the video, a deputy can be heard saying “Hey. Hey. Hey. Hey!” while the suspect leveled the weapon. The officer then fired. “Lay down, man,” the deputy then orders. “Why are you bringing a gun out here, man?” the deputy then asks. The deputy then asked, “Where [are] you hurt at?”

Blevins may have been armed with a shotgun. The incident occured on June 3. However, footage did not emerge until Friday. Blevins was arrested and transferred to McLaren Northern Michigan Hospital for the treatment.

Both the Mackinac County Prosecutor’s Office and Michigan State Police determined that the officers were justified in the use of their weapons. Both deputies resumed their duties.

Blevins pleaded guilty to three of the six charges against him on July 19. These included: felon in the possession of a firearm, felon in possession of ammunition, and assault with a dangerous weapon. Blevins was sentenced to two and a half to five years in prison. Three charges were dropped as part of a plea agreement with defense counsel.

According to TV-6 news, Mackinac County Sheriff Scott Strait said, “We are happy that this matter is now concluded.” The sheriff added, “Deputies train for this regularly and hope that they never are put in this situation. This could have ended very differently, this individual who chose to point a loaded shotgun at a deputy sheriff is very fortunate to be here and the quick reaction by the deputy clearly saved his own life.”




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