In a scatological riposte to President Donald Trump, Mexican lawyer Antonio Battaglia has introduced “Trump” brand toilet paper, complete with a logo that resembles the blonde-coiffed Chief Executive. The tissue bears the slogans in Spanish, “Softness without borders,” and “This is the wall that, yes, we will pay for.”
A mock-up of the product packaging features a smiling cartoon character giving a cheery thumbs-up gesture. While the cartoon does not exactly resemble the president, it does have Trump’s signature blond coif.
Battaglia registered the trademark for what in Mexico is called “hygienic paper” back in 2015, not long after Trump said at the beginning of his presidential campaign that some of the illegal immigrants crossing into the country from the southern neighbor are criminals and “not the best.” While the Mexican government had granted exclusive trademark rights to Trump’s business organization in sectors such as hotels, tourism, real estate, and financial service, there was no equivalent for the necessary wipes of nearly daily use by millions.
Production is expected to begin later this year, while Battaglia promises to donate 30 percent of the profits to efforts in support of immigrants to the US. These organizations have yet to be identified, but Battaglia reportedly said that he wants to help immigrants who are facing deportation or other legal issues in the US. 
Soon, two semi-trailers full of “Trump” toilet paper may be headed toward the US in the hope that there will be sufficient demand to order further production runs. It is likely that Battaglia will face aggressive legal action by Trump’s lawyers because of the president’s zealous nature in protecting his trademarks, image, and reputation.



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