Episcopalians honor Mother Theresa of Calcutta

religion | Nov 02, 2012 | By Martin Barillas

The National Cathedral of the Episcopal Church of the United States has honored Nobel Peace laureate Mother Theresa, a Roman Catholic nun famed around the world for her work with the poorest of the poor in India and numerous other countries in the world. A liturgy was offered in the gothic-style church - an evensong service at which the former dean of the cathedral, Rev. Samuel T. Lloyd, paid tribute to the  "strong-minded nun" who "fled public attention as she immersed herself - we could almost say lost herself - in serving some of the most vulnerable people on earth."

Among the others so honored at the so-called Human Rights Porch of the edifice is Rosa Parks, a woman of Atlanta, Georgia, who defied the law in the southern city and stood up for basic civil rights that had been denied to black Americans in the segregated South.

The face of Mother Theresa, who was born in Albania but lived most of her life in India, now appears as a sculpted portrait finial of a column on a doorway of the Human Rights Porch. She is revered not only in India by Christians and non-Christians, but by people all over the world for her demonstrated frankness and humility in advocating for the poor and abandoned.

The order she founded, the Missionaries of Charity, carries on her work in hospices for the victims of HIV/AIDS and drug addiction in many countries, including the United States, as well as the caring for the poor and dying of India. Keida Kostreci, of VOA’s Albanian Service, attended the dedication ceremony for Mother Teresa’s sculpted portrait and produced a video. Two other individuals honored at the porch are Eleanor Roosevelt, the wife of President Franklin D. Roosevelt, and Archbishop Oscar Romero, a Catholic archbishop of El Salvador who was murdered on the orders of the government of his country in the 1980s.



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