Libya Asks Niger To Extradite Qaddafi's Son

world | Feb 12, 2012 | By RFE/RL 

Libya is demanding Niger hand over Saadi Qaddafi, one of the sons of former Libyan leader Muammar Qaddafi.

Niger Justice Minister Morou Amadou confirmed the Libyan request but said his country would not extradite Saadi because of fears he would be killed if he were returned.

A spokesman for Libya's National Transition Council (NTC), Muhammed al-Harizy, said the NTC "demands the Niger government extradite Saadi and those who are with him to Libyan authorities as soon as possible."

Niger authorities said they had agreed to place tighter restrictions on Saadi's movements and that Libyan Foreign Minister Ashour Bin Hayal would meet with his Niger counterpart to discuss the issue.

Compiled from agency reports



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