A bizarre protest interrupted a rally for Donald Trump in South Carolina on the evening of February 10.
At the Clemson University event, a man wearing sunglasses and one of Trump’s signature “Make American Great Again” caps upstaged the candidate with a handmade sign. The sign sought to mock Trump’s taste for well done steaks. It read “Trump Likes His Steak Well Done,” which is a reference to The Donald’s reference for aged bone-in meat.
The man who interrupted the rally has been Zach Etkind. A frequent poster to YouTube, Etkind once managed to get into the ring at a Manny Paquiao fight to promote the “Suisey,” which is a combination suit-sports jersey that he was also wearing at the Trump rally.
Trump is no stranger to steak. He once marketed his own brand of steaks.
At the Clemson University rally, Trump did a victory lap in tribute to his New Hampshire primary victory while also touting his signature negotiating abilities. "Believe me if you vote for Trump, and again I don't want your money, I want your vote,” he said. He also predicted that a primary win in South Carolina would eliminate the competition. 
"You vote for Trump, we win here, we’re going to run the table.”
Referring to his New Hampshire victory, Trump said “People are tired of stupidity. We’re not gonna have it anymore!.”
He also took a swipe at former Florida Gov. Jeb Bush. “He’s a schlepper,” Trump said of Bush. “Spent 38-39 million in New Hampshire. I spent 3 and a half, I’m number one. He’s at the bottom. Think of it!”



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