Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton told show host Steve Harvey on his eponymous show that as president she will tackle racism among law enforcement agencies. On today’s broadcast, Clinton said, “We gotta tackle the systemic racism, this horrible shooting again, how many times do we have to see this in our country?”
Her comment came in the wake of the appearance of video that shows the shooting death of Pastor Terence Crutcher of Tulsa, Oklahoma, at the hands of local police on September 16. Clinton mentioned that his hands “were in the air” at the time of the shooting. Tulsa police have confirmed that Crutcher was unarmed at the time of his death and there was no firearm in his vehicle. An investigation by local and federal authorities is ongoing.
 “This is unbearable and it needs to be intolerable,” Clinton said. She added that she would chastise “white people” over this and similar shootings by police. “Maybe I can by speaking directly to white people say, ‘Look this is not who we are,’” she said. “We’ve got to do everything possible to improve policing, to go right at implicit bias.
While she admitted that there are many “good honorable cool-headed” police officers in the nation, she reiterated her stance that something must be done about police departments throughout the country. “We can do better,” she said. “We have got to reign in what is absolutely inexplicable.”



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