The opening of the nomination letter to the Nobel Peace Prize awarding committee in Oslo, Norway made by Dr. Bärbel Kofler, the Commissioner of Human Rights in the German Parliament states, “As a member of the German Bundestag, I hereby nominate Fr. Shay Cullen for the Nobel Peace Prize. The Bundestag Committee on Economic Cooperation and Development supports this proposal.”

According to a press release, the Bundestag committee and the Office of the Human Rights Commissioner has examined and verified the recorded history and life experience of the nominee, Father Shay Cullen, an Irish member of the Society of St. Columban, who has worked for human rights in the Philippines since 1969. They have examined all his work in the Preda Foundation and in a letter endorsed him as a candidate for the 2017 Nobel Peace Prize.
The nomination letter stated: 
“Since 1969, Irish priest Fr Shay Cullen has been committed to the protection and promotion of children’s rights in the Philippines. In particular, he has been striving at many levels to combat the brutal violations of children’s rights that occur when children are subjected to sexual abuse.
In 1974, Fr Cullen founded the People’s Recovery, Empowerment and Development Assistance Foundation (PREDA), which is dedicated to helping victims of abuse and pursues the aim of helping to win freedom and a new life for children held in prisons and brothels, starving children, abandoned children and those trapped by poverty. PREDA helps abused women, supports the indigenous population, protects the environment, and tries to alleviate poverty through microloan schemes and fair trade.
In the performance of my duties as a Member of the Bundestag, I have come to know Fr Cullen personally and have been highly impressed by his work and untiring commitment. In my role as Federal Government Commissioner for Human Rights Policy and Humanitarian Aid, I have also become aware of the outstanding impact of his life’s work on the promotion of respect for human rights, particularly children’s and women’s rights. . . 
He lives with constant death threats from the mafia and international child-trafficking rings. He nevertheless continues his unrelenting efforts, including the exertion of political pressure to defend the elementary rights of children, gives them a voice and speaks out fearlessly and publicly in international forums against sexual torture of children.”
The letter explains how Fr. Cullen and his team of human rights advocates received death threats and political harassment and retaliation by the international sex mafia that tried and failed to smear his good name and the important work of the Preda Foundation. The team of advocates despite all harassments continued defending the victims of abuse and human rights violations and the work building peace and harmony through Fair Trade. The nomination letter outlines the unique healing centers for traumatized children and the work of bringing peace to the thousands of victims of abuse.  
The letter concludes as follows: “Because of Fr. Shay Cullen’s commitment to the implementation of the UN Convention on the Rights of the Child, regardless of the risk to his own life, I consider him a worthy candidate for the award of the Nobel Peace Prize. 
Dr. Bärbel Kofler, MdB”
The letter adds the list of awards that have been given to Father Cullen and his Preda team of human rights advocates.
2000 – Human Rights Award of the town of Weimar
2000 – Betinhoe Communications Prize of the Association for Progressive Communications (APC)
2001 – Premio Città di Ferrara
2003 – Prix Caritas Switzerland
2008 – International Person of the Year (Ireland)
2008 - The International Solidarity Prize (Spain) awarded by the Academy of Medical Practice in Barcelona.
2009 – Irish Music Awards, Humanitarian Award
2016 – The Monsignor Hugh O’Flaherty International Humanitarian Award 
2017 – Shalom Prize of the Catholic University of Eichstätt, 4-7 May 2017
2017 – Awarded  the Martin Buber Award 2017
2017 –Nominated for the 4th time for the Nobel Peace Prize.



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