Speaking with Fox network personality Bill O’Reilly, a student at Georgia’s Emory University said last night that the president of the private institution had validated leftist students and “legitimized” their complaints about pro-Trump messages that appeared on campus. Leftist students had complained to Emory University President James Wagner that the messages such as “Trump 2016” written in chalk on sidewalks and staircases on the campus were “triggering” feellings of dread. The students felt that their safety was jeopardized by the chalkings.
In response, university security is searching CCTV footage in an effort to identify the students who wrote the messages. In response, host O’Reilly expressed shock that the university would take such action. Wagner wrote a campus-wide email saying that he had heard the students’ complaints and acknowledged that they were fearful of the graffiti and their contents.
Messages of a political nature scrawled in chalk on college campuses has become a common feature of academic life. Opposing groups frequently erase or deface the chalkings they find objectionable. Leftist students frequently accuse their opponents of endangering their safety, or causing them emotional hurt, by the mere act of voicing opinions.
The student O’Reilly interviewed, Josh Goodman, said that the students who complained about the graffiti considered them a “violent action.” Goodman said that the university took no similar action about similar chalkings in support of Democratic presidential candidate Bernie Sanders or those scrawled by Black Lives Matter activists. The students who complained about the pro-Trump messages, said Goodman, were “loud” and “disruptive.” 
“President [James Wagner],” Goodman said, “I think he legitimized their claims, I was pretty disappointed.” Goodman expressed the hope that Emory University president Wagner will “stand for First Amendment rights.”
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