Republicans and others have criticized Charlotte City Council member Dimple Ajmera, calling her out for what some say were her “unhinged” partisan remarks about President Donald Trump and Republicans. On Sunday, Ajmera said on WCNC “Flashpoint,” Ajmera said, “Republicans that are supporting Trump … should have no place on city council whatsoever or in the mayor’s race.” Appointed to a district council seat last year, Ajmera is running at-large.

A news release from the North Carolina GOP was titled: “Charlotte Democrat Goes Unhinged with Dangerous and Unacceptable Trump Rhetoric.” According to the statement, state Republican chairman Robin Hayes said, “It is highly offensive that a member of the Charlotte City Council, not yet even elected to the position, would state that anybody who voted for the Republican nominee for President should be disqualified and should not even seek a role in public service in Charlotte.” Hayes continued, saying: “Nearly 100,000 Charlotte residents, Republican, Democrat, and unaffiliated voted for President Trump. Are Councilwoman Ajmera’s positions so radical she thinks NONE of these people have something to contribute to make the Queen city better?”

Mecklenburg County Republicans also criticized Ajmera’s comments.

Ajmera stands by her earlier comments. In a Wednesday night statement, she declared:

“Donald Trump is a divisive and negative figurehead,” she said. “It is not about being a Republican or a Democrat. It is about standing up to Trump's disrespect for women, minorities and immigrants. It is about standing up to Trump's disregard for the sick, the disabled and the poor.”

On Facebook, the Mecklenburg County GOP stated:

“Democrats don't trust the people of this great County! Hear for yourself how Democrats continue to work to engineer results by excluding citizens from having a voice in OUR own government. We must stand up against this divisive agenda they offer and vote in November for common sense Republicans who focus on local issues!”

Ajmera, a native of India, emigrated to the US as a child with her parents. She was named to the Charlotte City Council in January to finish the term of a fellow Democrat, John Autry in District 5, which covers much of east Charlotte. Autry departed from the city council after being elected to the North Carolina House.

Ajmera works at TIAA in University City as a project manager. She has served on the Charlotte Housing Authority board.



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