Libertarian Ron Paul said during the Wednesday radio broadcast of his Liberty Report that progressives and immigration advocates are piqued about separating minors and adults who cross the border illegally as merely exercising "good politics." The resulting uproar, which has featured photos and videos of children being held at detention centers that leftists have dubbed “cages,” the former congressman said that it has become a perfect political hobby horse to blame on President Donald Trump.

"Our borders are a mess as if that is not something new," said Paul of the issue raised by children in detention. "It has really lead to a lot of confusion." During the 2014 surge of largely unaccompanied minors to the border, the Obama administration responded by detaining thousands of minors, who were then sent to juvenile detention centers, parents, and foster parents across the country. "Except for the liberals. The liberals are using this for the hill and it's the perfect political issue for the liberals and of course, it's easy to blame Trump."

Paul said that the conditions on the border currently being deplored by liberals and progressives have been in place for years. He said that it is difficult for him to believe that the emotional response on the part of Trump’s detractors to his "zero tolerance" immigration enforcement is anything but "good politics." "There's nothing new in the law but I'll tell you what, this is good politics, this is demagoguing going on," said Paul. "So, I'm a skeptic. I don't believe it's all about the children in a sincere way."

Paul said that establishment media coverage of the family separation resembles the coverage of so-called “Russiagate" -- the alleged Russian intervention in the 2016 election. “Most of what we are seeing now is politics just like Russiagate… it turns out Russia probably had very little to do with the campaign,” he said.

As for the trainloads of migrants headed north from Central America through Mexico, Paul told his co-host Daniel McAdam that the host of migrants are not forming spontaneously but are responding to efforts organized by wealthy philanthropist George Soros and fellow travellers. 
"That is well organized, and it is well organized by - I believe - the cultural Marxists."

Paul said, “I was looking up a little bit on George Soros, he's a smart man made a lot of money, but he happens to believe in a society that is quite different than a libertarian society ... It is known that he has spent on efforts to remake the world $32 billion of his own money ... and money from his organizations, they have to be used, whether if it's in Europe where (migrants) move in massively - I just don't believe that is spontaneous.”



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