Niger: rise in child malnutrition deaths

crime | Oct 09, 2013 | By Spero News

During nine months of 2013, there were reported 79,087 cases and 362 children under 5 years of age have died from severe malnutrition in the north African nation of Niger.
According to office of UN Humanitarian Affairs (OCHA) located in Niamey, from January to September of this year hundreds of children under 5 years of age died from malnutrition in the central eastern region of Zinder.
In Zinder, acute malnutrition is severe, according to the latest data regarding the epidemiological situation released by OCHA. From January 1 to September 23, there were 79,087 cases of severe acute malnutrition and 362 deaths of children under 5 years of age.
Zinder is close to neighboring Nigeria and is the second most populous region of Niger. It is regularly hit by severe food shortages, caused by drought. Those who suffer most are women and children.
Malnutrition is a disease mainly caused by the lack of essential nutrients for children, which results in poor growth and weakens the immune system against the most common childhood diseases. 



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