The following statement was released on Thursday by Edward J. Feulner, the founding president of the Heritage Foundation, who will take up the position again temporarily after the resignation of former president and U.S. Senator Jim DeMint:
My friend Jim DeMint stepped down yesterday as Heritage's president after nearly four and a half years. All of us at Heritage are tremendously grateful for his service. Jim is a past, present, and future conservative leader. He is a tremendous advocate for the conservative principles you and I both believe in.
At the request of the board of trustees, I will serve as interim president until a permanent successor can be found.
Over the coming months, we will press ahead on your priorities:
repealing Obamacare;
reforming taxes; reining in runaway government;
protecting the country;
and supplying the administration and conservatives in Congress with the intellectual ammunition they need to succeed.
And we will conduct a thorough nationwide search for the next Heritage president. The next Heritage president must be dedicated to the principles that made America great: free enterprise, limited government, individual freedom, traditional American values, and a strong national defense.
Those aren't just words. When I was last Heritage's president, I worked with our board to ensure the organization would remain permanently committed to these ideals. To your ideals. I will continue that commitment during this time of transition.
All of us at Heritage are thankful for your support and commitment.



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