Department of Homeland Security Secretary Jeh Johnson stuck to his talking points about how he intends to address Second Amendment rights in the wake of the deadly Muslim terrorist attack in Orlando, which claimed the lives of 49 people. Speaking on CBS News, the secretary repeated eight times the “gun control” is at the heart of controlling terrorism.
Near the beginning of the interview, Johnson said that, while he did not want to jump into any more contentious issues than he has already, he does believe that meaningful, responsible, gun control is now part of homeland security. It’s critical to public safety. But we have to face the fact that meaningful, responsible, gun control has to be a party of Homeland Security, given the prospect of home-grown, home-born, violent extremists.”
He repeated the trope of “gun control” seven more times during the exchange, but did not mention Islamic terrorism, radicalization, or radical Islam. 
When he was asked, “With all due respect Mr. Secretary, what do you think?” Johnson repeated, “I believe that meaningful, responsible, gun control is part of Homeland Security, and it is something we have to address.”
None of the journalists on the panel sought to challenge him on his repetition of his points.
The Obama administration is seeking create a “no-gun” list of alleged terrorists – citizens and non-citizens who may not have been charged or convicted of relevant crimes --  that would be similar to the growing “no-fly” list. Democrats have expressed support for such a ban.
In the wake of the shootings in Orland. Sen. Dianne Feinstein (D-CA) told MSNBC that she is doubling her efforts to enforce the ban: “I’d like to try again. I hope we will try again.” She added, “We need the American people to support this. The ease with which a potential terrorist can buy a weapon in this country is frightening.” Hillary Clinton also expressed support for the ban: “If you are too dangerous to get on a plane, you are too dangerous to buy a gun in America.”



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