MSNBC news host Stephanie Ruhle expressed frustration on Tuesday that Republicans have had victories with judicial nominations and elsewhere during the Trump administration. On her show, she told Rep. Sean Patrick Maloney (D-NY) and former Republican congressman David Jolly, “We say all the time Republicans are struggling. We say that. Where exactly are they struggling, though? They’re struggling in that we talk about their ridiculous behavior, how insincere they are, the hypocrisy. But Mitch McConnell, he’s getting all the things he wants done.”

In response, Jolly said, “Despite a good economy, [voters] feel the division that Donald Trump has imposed upon us. Voters are not looking at platforms of Medicare for all or ObamaCare, whatever it might be. Those are important for the parties to talk about. I think the American people are voting on whether or not you trust Donald Trump,” former Republican Congressman David Jolly speculated.

On a day when voters in several states are going to the polls in primary races, Jolly asserted that the current political debate is over whether or not President Donald Trump and “one party control” can be trusted. He predicted that voters will reject “one-party control.”

Weighing in, Rep. Maloney said, “We’ve been failing miserably. The Democratic Party better get in the game. We’re losing the Supreme Court. We’ve been getting our butt kicked in Washington. These elections have enormous consequences.” He went on to say, “What I’m saying is that is the result of Merrick Garland, which was a disgrace. That is the result of losing our way as a Democrat, act like a bunch of jerks who can only talk when a pollster tells us what to say.” 

Maloney is currently a candidate for the office of New York Attorney General. 



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