In a CNN article written by Sara Ganim and Linh Tran, the report repeated a false narrative being repeated by progressives and other media about a lack of grocery stores in Flint. The report offered an interview with the newly-elected mayor of Flint, Karen Weaver, who holds a PhD in psychology.
In its report, CNN chronicles the woes of the once prosperous city where “40 percent of residents are below the poverty rate. Fifteen percent of homes are boarded up and abandoned. Weaver says the city of 100,000 doesn't even have a grocery store. And now its residents don't have clean water either.”
Columnist Leonard Pitts Jr. writes at
“It is inconceivable that it would take so long for public officials to respond or media to notice if the water became unsafe in New York, Miami, Charlotte, Chicago, Atlanta or L.A. But Flint is none of those places. Rather, it is a hard-luck, hardscrabble, post-industrial wasteland, a shrinking town of 100,000 people, with a poverty rate of 41 percent and per capita income of less than $15,000. It doesn't even have a grocery store.”
A quick check on the Google map application shows multiple listings for grocery stores within the city of Flint, and nearby.
For example, at the site of a former Kroger store is now the Fresh Choice Market Place at 1916 Davison Road in the poverty-stricken east side of the city. In addition, there are three Sav-A-Lot grocery stores. There is a Landmark grocery store at 206 W. Pierson Road in Flint, too. In addition to these and others, there is a new farmer’s market near downtown that offers fresh produce, meat, eggs and poultry, prepared food, and restaurants throughout the year. There are numerous other smaller neighborhood stores that offer groceries, including one that offers Korean products. Just outside the city limits at 3288 Corunna Road is a Kroger store. While it has a Flint mailing address, it actually lies outside the city. There is a Sav-A-Lot grocery store located just two blocks from the dental practice of Mayor Weaver's husband, Dr. Wrex A.Weaver.
In Flint, there is a Metro bus system that riders can take to locations throughout the city and to the suburbs, connecting downtown and the suburbs with local hospitals, stores, and jobs. There is also a subsidized service for the handicapped and the aged.
A call to the mayor’s office by Spero News found that the mayor’s voice mailbox was full. Spero News could not therefore verify if CNN’s attribution to Weaver about the grocery stores is accurate.
The leftist Mother Jones magazine was also wrong in its assertions about the availability of groceries in the stricken city. The magazine said about the water crisis in a recent article:  “The problem was exacerbated by a lack of alternatives. Flint is one of America's poorest cities, with 41 percent of its residents living in poverty. Many couldn't afford bottled water or make the trek to obtain it — the city of 100,000 only has one major grocery store, on the far side of town.”
Ed. note: this article is an update of an earlier version and includes new information.



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