A Pittsburgh high school student was suspended from school for wearing a hoodie bearing the Confederate battle flag in its design. Student Noah Leech says that the garment represents his family heritage. "Our bloodline comes from West Virginia. They were helping move slaves from the South into the North under the Confederate flag, so that's what I stand for,” Leech said.

Leech claims to have worn the hoodie dozens of times to Plum High School. It was not until this past week that complaints against him prompted school authorities to suspend him on December 9. "They basically told me I have to go home, and there is a possibility I may be expelled for wearing my hoodie to school,” Leech said. He said that the hoodie is not racist.

Following his suspension, several students and parents drove cars draped with the controversial banner past the school.

One parent, Paul Williams, reportedly took his child from the from the school for his child, citing safety concerns. Williams said that he felt intimidated by the number of students wearing the Confederate symbol. Reportedly, some 50 students wore the Confederate flag to school in solidarity.

School authorities have had two minds about the flag. In the past, it was allowed but eventually the school banned it. “This seems like a spin off from the elections,” said school superintendent Timothy Glasspool.  





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