It’s not easy being a wealthy liberal.  Besides the noblesse oblige money places on any thoughtful person of means, liberals have the added burden to be… God.  
A charitable conservative might be satisfied to merely offer the less privileged an opportunity – a well-paying job, perhaps, or a scholarship.  What the recipient makes of the opportunity is not his business.
Not so for the liberal, not so.  He wants to guarantee the outcome.  Parents may have the wrong kind of ideas so children are removed from parental influence.  Resources may be finite so families must be “planned.”  Job availability may fluctuate so let the government manage the workforce.  And when the new system doesn’t work as expected?  Ah, well.
Bill and Melinda are wealthy liberals.  
To control other people’s fertility, the Bill Gates and Melinda Foundation poured over $120 million into tne development of a remote-controlled chip that can be implanted into the body to release birth control hormones.[i]
To “transform every public-school classroom in America”, the Bill Gates and Melinda Foundation “didn’t just bankroll the development of what became known as the Common Core State Standards. With more than $200 million, the foundation also built political support across the country, persuading state governments to make systemic and costly changes.”  This strategy was so successful that there was little public awareness about what was happening. “Common Core was instituted in many states without a single vote taken by an elected lawmaker.” [ii]
A recent letter from the Foundation’s CEO confesses that “it is a real struggle to make system-wide change” but there is no introspection here.  Rather, the “foundation underestimated the level of resources and support required for our public education systems to be well-equipped to implement the standards. We missed an early opportunity to sufficiently engage educators – particularly teachers – but also parents and communities so that the benefits of the standards could take flight from the beginning.”
 More money, more “engagement” (send in the organizers), more coordinated materials and “the American school system …[will] become the powerful engine of equity we all believe it should be.”[iii]
You’re welcome.  This is for your own good, you know.  Show some appreciation. 
To feed the world, according to a report by Global Justice Now, the Gates Foundation has become the world’s premier funder of genetically-modified (GM) crop research, benefiting mega-corporations such as Monsanto, Syngenta, Bayer and Dupont.  “The Gates Foundation is, in effect, preparing the ground for them to access new profitable markets in hitherto closed-off developing countries, especially in Africa. The Foundation is especially pushing for the adoption of GM in Africa…One project aims to bring GM vitamin A-enriched bananas to Uganda. But field trials have been branded ‘biopiracy’ since the original gene being used to develop these ‘super-bananas’ was collected in Papua New Guinea ….The Foundation’s emphasis on “technological solutions” often ignores real solutions involving social and economic justice.”[iv]
However well-intentioned the Gates Foundation may be, it is not accountable to anyone.  It has created an agenda to “transform the world” and, like powerful tyrants in all eras, will spare no cost to accomplish its “good deeds.”
The word we’re looking for here is “hubris.”
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